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Celestial Ceiling is the byproduct of a true-life Encounter

with Extraterrestrial - Higher Dimensional - Beings of Light

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I've been contacted

Anchor 1
January 1st - July 14th, 2008


I was living in a city called Tujunga, California, in the northern-most outskirts of Los Angeles County, in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountain range. Tujunga is a forgotten corner of L.A. where the climate becomes particularly arid and desert-like. The homes are large and the cacti are larger.

I lived down the street from the house where they filmed the movie, E.T. If you live anywhere in Los Angeles then you are within a stone's throw of some location that was featured in a famous film, but somehow this E.T. house being so close felt significant.

Also down the street in the other direction was one of the most important scientific facilities in the nation, NASA J.P.L. (Jet Propulsion Laboratory). It was probably naive of me to think I could just drive right in but it didn't stop me from trying one day.

I chose Tujunga as my place of residence after having been chewed up and spit out of hollywood, burned out from the fickle film industry. I chose this desert town, famous as a biker hangout in the 70s, for being far enough away from LA to hideaway but also close enough to still work on some lingering freelance film projects I had obligated myself to.

Locked away in a very spacious rented home, i worked on editing a few internet television series, animating of a few video sequences frame-by-frame, designing a couple photoshoots and music videos, and composing two film scores.


I had most every day to myself and these creative projects each had healthy timelines. I had no cable television, and I also deliberately cut myself off from hearing any form of music whatsoever with the exception of baroque and early music as I didn't want any outside influences to affect my film scores.


In between working, i learned organically how to meditate. I had no training or guiding whatsoever, but i found that if i sat in silence long enough and just observed that sometimes i would catch a flicker of light in my closed eyes or a vibration of energy in my toes.

I played the piano every day, trying to work out some melodies for these projects. I often played at night, and i found that i could concentrate much better at night.

My conclusion was that the Sun gave off a certain radiation that seemed so rich with energy that it became slightly more difficult to focus, while the nighttime radiation was much more subtle and seemed much more peaceful.

I also had a conclusion that as the world around me fell asleep, the collective mind was more at ease allowing for greater concentration. 

I found on many occasions when i played the piano at night, that i was somehow attracting listeners. Call it intuition or even a certain level of psychic awareness, but I felt ears actively listening in.

At first i thought the neighbors were hearing me, and maybe they were sometimes, but most of the listening seemed to come from directly above me and I felt on many occasions that I was playing for a full audience. It is a very specific feeling I had that listenership was taking place from above my head.

I became very sensitive to these subtle moments where I could tell someone was listening. When I played the piano at night I would usually be extra quiet , playing the most quiet melodies and listening and interacting with the harmonics. 

I believe some discarnate collective was also interacting with me just like interacting with harmonics. Sometime a feeling of collaboration came over me, where I was musically interacting with another intelligence.


I felt that I was "tuning in to the music of the spheres," and i felt like I was a conduit facilitating the music, working in partnership at times on the music. 

Many people speak of seeing "number signs" around them. "11:11," "2:22," "3:33" etc. I was seeing this every day and not because i was staring at a clock. In fact, i would see numbers that would appear random, and instantaneously interpreting a very specific meaning.


For example, i might have a certain question on my mind and i would walk past a clock and see "2:38" and suddenly know what the answer to my question was.


This was happening over a period of several months and it began to feel like deciphering a code, where certain number combination represented specific meanings. I decided to go with it without questioning it too much. Most often, i found that i was in fact being guided in the right direction.


One of my main responsibilities during this time was the freelance film editing i was doing on my computer. I had 3 different film projects stacked up that needed to be sorted through and edited. It was a daunting task and with so much footage to sort through it was often overwhelming.


These number patterns started manifesting themselves through the editing program in ways that is hard for me to characterize.


I would be staring at a screen wondering where to make my edit point. Then i would walk away, see a number pattern, return to the computer, see the same number pattern, and realize exactly where to make the slice.


Sometime, i swear, the mouse would have moved. and it would move to the point where the edit should be made. I would accept this as a "sign" and make the edit on the mark, and this would end up making the final cut.

Sometimes i would be working away at my computer and i would feel a sensation up my spine that felt like a giant centipede. One time i was so sure it was a giant insect that i stood up and ripped off my shirt only to find nothing. It sounds weird, but i was feeling a lot of nervous system adjustments during this period. I would feel energies running up my spine or traveling up my legs.


I never had any formal training on meditation, but i was now meditating every day. It was an intuitive approach completely. I would lie in whatever position felt the most comfortable. It was not a legs crossed/spine straight-type meditation. I laid very relaxed with one led slightly elevated.


I just silenced the "inner voice." we all have an inner monologue that goes on incessantly. I found the key to be to just ignore it and observe stillness. When a loud crash came from an outside source, i learned to accept it as part of the world or story of my meditation.


If i heard dogs barking from the neighbor, i didn't let it take me out of the moment, instead i allowed it to fit in with my journey. 

I closed my eyes and learned to see a screen in front of me, a blank screen. I equated it to sitting in a darkened theater and looking at the movie screen, yet the film has yet to begun, and you are alone in the theater.

I found through meditation there was a certain "glow" to this screen, similar to a television which is powered on, but not displaying a particular channel. Black screen, but still lit. There is still an energy being displayed on the screen even though nothing is displayed.


I've recently learned there is a word for this in German, "Eigengrau" which translates as "Intrinsic grey," or the color you see in perfect darkness. You can be in an isolation chamber and still see a certain glow of grey with your eyes closed. This became my daily meditation.

Once in awhile when i was meditating i would be observing the "intrinsic grey" and i would be in complete stillness and i would suddenly witness a specific point of light through my closed eyes.

I can only describe this by asking you to look across the room at a light source. Look directly at a bare bulb for at least 10-20 seconds. now close your eyes. You still see this light with your closed eyes.

If you dare, look directly at the sun for just a moment, you will see a lasting effect for 20-30 seconds of a highlight of light in your closed eyes in the exact shape and size of the light form. What causes this?


Have the rods and cones become supercharged momentarily by this harsh light that you continue to see that aftereffects on your closed eyelids? Whatever the reason, this is the quality of light i speak of. i would call it an indigo light or visible ultra violet light.


While in deep meditation, i would sometimes witness a light identical to this appear in my closed eyes. i would sometimes see a small flash of light appear for a moment, but as i became more adept to this whole meditation thing, i would see more.


I started to be able to concentrate enough to where i would see a very focused solid full circle of indigo light. Once in awhile the circle would become a glowing ring of light, and there were times i would see other patterns like pyramids or other symbols, sometimes i would see text, specifically the letter 'A'.

Oftentime while meditating, I would feel my awareness lift up and out of my body slightly. I would often feel my consciousness rise up. and once in a great while, i would begin to perceive a 'ceiling' of some sort, a limit to my experience.

This ceiling was usually the highest point that I could reach during mediation. I could actually feel a membrane that seemed to be impenetrable upon repeated investigation. The height seemed to be just about equal to the high of the physical ceiling in this room, which was about 12 feet tall.

One day while meditating, I rose up to this level and managed to pierce this ceiling. I distinctly could feel my head going through the membrane. I got to the point where my eyes rose up and above the level of this ceiling. I just barely peeked through.

What I found was startling. I immediately felt all eyes on me. It seemed that I made some type of unexpected intrusion. I distinctly noticed several beings around 20 feet away suddenly all turn my direction. The feeling was equivalent to barging in on a group of people playing poker.

I was an unexpected and uninvited guest. I felt no hostility whatsoever, but I was not where i belonged. I realized very clearly that there are other types of life in different realities. This truth is difficult to quantify to a person. I never attempted to return to this particular realm. 

At this time I was also doing freelance journalist for a now-defunct national television station. I was doing research and digging up articles on the secrets of our government, hidden mysteries of history, and what appeared to be forbidden knowledge. 

This news network was willing to consider stories of this nature, and as a freelance journalist, I was always aiming to have a good story get picked up and featured on TV. This quest for new info sent me looking for stories in unique places and I started to challenge myself on the type of info i brought in.

At one point, I published a story about a particular cluster of stars in our galaxy known as The Pleiades. the story centered more on how certain people claimed to have contact with beings who came from this star system.

Originally, my story was a borderline sensational one, but i started to receive messages of encouragement from many people and naturally I was drawn to look deeper into the subject. 

This sent me on a journey of discovery that has stayed with me for nearly 10 years now and has altered the course of my life.

The Pleiades is a cluster of stars located 444 light years away in the constellation Taurus. Also known as The Seven Sisters, this beautiful cluster can clearly be seen at night with the naked eye if you know where to look for it.


If you speak to a Native American elder, you will learn that they do not believe they came from Asia via the Bering Strait as western scientists claim, rather they believe they came from the star cluster of The Pleiades.

The Pleiades play a role in indigenous cultures of nearly every society around the world. They appear in the folklore and legend of the cultures of every corner of the globe. They can be found in our most ancient texts, including the bible, to contemporary literature.

One particularly interesting aspect to the Pleiadian connection to indigenous cultures is that every culture shares a seasonal connection and carries an association of a harvest. Ancient cultures associate the Pleiades with a bread basket or cornucopia of abundance and nourishment to stockpile.

There are people all around the world who claim to have come in contact with beings from the Pleiades - Pleiadians,  Plejaren,  there are many translations and names for them. One familiar name for the Pleiades is 'Subaru' in Japanese, notice the car company uses a cluster of stars in its logo.

Some people claim to be in contact with Pleiadians telepathically. Others claim to have met Pleiadians as beautiful blond 'nordic' women and men in sleek blue jumpsuits in the 1960s and 70s. Others claim contact with glowing spiritual beings hovering in a blue or green light in their home at night.

As I studied the Pleiadian phenomenon they seemed to study me. I would meditate on the subject and would sometimes experience subtle or intense vibrations throughout my body.


The feeling always began in my toes, particularly my left big toe. It began as a pulse, it moved up my foot as a vibration. The feeling moved up my leg slowly. Often in meditation, this was as far as I got, but If I continued long enough the sensations would continue to rise to my torso.

I felt a deep connection to these Pleiadians and the material continued to ring true. Throughout my days, I would continue to feel connected to them. Oftentimes I would feel that they were giving me specific messages or watching me.

Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched? Only to turn around and catch someone staring at you? The feeling was similar to this. In the early stages, it was an unnerving feeling, and made me feel slight paranoia at first, but as time went on, I grew to feel comforted by it.


I realized that all this time, They were the one's who were watching me, listening to me playing the piano late at night. I embraced this connection. I accepted them reaching out, and felt that they accepted me in return.

I studied the patterns and phases of the moon, I studied the movement of the stars and constellations, and I noticed the meaning and significance behind meteor showers as well as lunar and solar eclipses. I scheduled my life around lunar/stellar events. I even adopted a mostly nocturnal sleep schedule.

I meditated no less than three to four hours per day, with some days averaging closer to five hours and on some occasions I would remain in a meditative state for as much as seven hours straight. I really dedicated myself to this practice, and I had no formal training, I was merely guided by intuition.

I probably did everything wrong from a traditional standpoint: I never sat upright in a crossed legged position.  I always found the lotus position to be wildly uncomfortable. Perhaps from a Buddhist or Vedic perspective, this position is far superior, but for me the best position was the most comfortable.

I found a very specific upright laying position and I would go into deep states of meditation. Often I would become aware of the "blank screen." sitting in the darkened theater, sometimes there would be fleeting moments of colored lights or shapes that would emerge and fade into abstraction. 

Moon Flower

I was given a pair of outdoor potted plants that sat on my front door step. I managed to severely neglect them for a period of time and they wilted and dried in the desert climate. They became lifeless dried stalks. I felt terrible for letting them die and I decided not to accept their death, and revive them.

I was determined to bring them back from the dead. These plants were not half-dead, by the way, they had fully gone to the underworld. But I watered them every night by the moonlight, and I believed 100% that they would live again.  


The moon was particularly bright and beautiful on several nights in a row and I felt like somehow these plants were responding to the moon and were aligned to my type of nocturnal schedule. I felt that somehow this moonlight was helping them grow, and the moon was now nearly full. 


One morning, July the fifteenth to be exact, I went out the front steps to check the mailbox, and Lo and Behold: A beaming blossom had flowered from one of the plants! It was miraculous, and I truly believe that the power of intention not only brought the plant back but caused it to brightly flower.


I had never seen a flower on these plants, and here was a huge tropical-looking flower and a week ago this plant was dead as a doornail. This all happened very fast: I had been walking straight to the mailbox when this flower caught my eye and turned my head and I slammed my toe into the concrete patio step. It was my big toe on my left foot.

I looked up in the sky and said out-loud, "You did this!" I think I even pointed at the sky. The moon had just been so full the night before, and there was something magical in the air. Maybe I lived inside such a closed circuit of my beliefs and intentions during this time that I was manifesting my reality. There was no one around to say "that's impossible." 

My toe had hit the concrete so incredibly hard that it felt like it could have been broken. It was intense pain. I knew in that moment many things: 1) That there was something magical/special about that flower; 2) That I was meant to see it this morning so that I would hit my toe extremely hard; 3) That I would hit my toe three times in total that day. 

Cellular Vibrations

Later that day I was meditating in a special chair that looked like a "space chair" from the '70s. I had been meditating for about an hour and I was in a gentle state of peaceful awareness.


Suddenly, I started seeing an intense light in my closed eyes, an energy, undulating, spiraling before my closed eyes. It was a very specific, bright, counterclockwise spiraling waveform. As I saw this energy, I could hear my cellphone about 10 feet away, ringing on vibrate mode.


The undulating visual energy became visible to me very suddenly and began maybe 1 to 1 and a half seconds before I heard the phone vibrate, or at least , I observed the visual, before I realized the phone was ringing. 

I stayed in the moment and just observed this experience. This vibrating phone across the room aligned perfectly with the spiraling visuals on my closed eyes.


Then, again suddenly, blank. The show was over. The spiral in my eyes stopped at the exact second that the phone stopped ringing. I stayed in this meditation but now I was also contemplating this strange occurance. What conclusion would one make of this? What would you conclude?


I believe that I could see the cell phone signal. Or, that I could see the sound, or maybe see the vibration. But what I know for sure, I definitely saw the call. When I thought about it, it made sense: An incoming cell-phone call is a frequency band beaming into the room from a remote tower or even from a satellite in space. 

I believe that this waveform beaming into the room was visible because I wain a heightened state of awareness through meditation. I was "clear" enough to see it.

And I did end up hitting my left big toe 2 more times that day. Both times were very hard too! In retrospect, I feel that the left big toe ordeal was an activation point that had to be triggered on this day, perhaps to help initiate the contact.

Before I get right into the real glorious part of this story... I would like to say that I had firmly believed that I was in psychic communication with an exterrestrial presence for a period of at least 7 months. It started when I moved to this house in this town of Tujunga. 

It started with dreams, and the dreams seemed to be encoded with encrypted messages from some other force. I felt like I was in communication with some kind of energy.


I remember I had a dream once, in January that I had moved into some big grand historic home and there were multiple pianos in the house. I would play the piano, and sometimes later, someone else seemed to be playing a piano from a remote part of the house. But I was the only one in the house.

So in this dream, I am hearing a ghost play piano from up in the 3rd floor, the sound reverberates through the empty house and sounds quite ghostly. We begin to have a call-and-answer musical communication through pianos in different worlds.

At the time, I saw it as a cool dream, but in retrospect I believe this was the first of many contacts. The signs and messages were all lining up. By the time of July, the communication was almost audible, but what happened next surprised me...

Anchor 2

I have been contacted by extraterrestrial, higher dimensional, beings of light.

They were glowing beings who appeared before me in my bedroom.

This was a galactic council with countless representatives.

You could feel the room heat up as they entered.

July 15th, 2008


On the evening of July the 15th, 2008, I sat down on the couch in my studio. My piano and workspace were in this room, and to my left was a sliding glass door that led to the backyard.  The time was approximately between 11:00 PM and Midnight. 

I sat down to meditate but naturally sat in a different position than normal. I sat with both feet on the ground, and my back relatively straight. I also grabbed my lap harp. As I began meditating, i gently strummed and plucked the harp. I didn't really plan it out, it just kind of happened.

As I meditated, I felt a real glow. I felt a rush of warmth. I quickly felt the attraction of these "observers" and the sensation became palpable, almost physical. Just before meditating was when i kicked my toe for the third time, lighter this time, but still somewhat painful.

The sensation in my toe while I meditated rang out with a buzzing energy. The toe pains seemed to jump start this buzzing vibration. Slowly the familiar feeling began to climb my left leg, except it was much more intense this time.


The feeling in my toe is matched by an identical energy that I can see with my closed eyes. I am seeing an undulating spiraling light. Spinning counter-clockwise and looking exactly the way the cell phone energy looked earlier in the day.


Meanwhile, I am hearing sounds around me, whirling, undulating and spinning. It's an almost trance-inducing combination of lights and sounds and sensations.

The vibration is still climbing my leg, and i'm also feeling the sensation of a descending energy around me. As if a large circular energetic craft was descending into and around my house. My eyes are closed and this is all happening in my field of awareness and perception.


The vibration continued to climb, right to my heart, and I felt an incredible rush, and my entire body was alive with a strong vibration.  As the vibration took over, it seemed to transform me for the moment. My eyes remain closed.

Into the room walk a small crowd of 'people.' My eyes were closed, but now there were very clearly visible beings walking into the room. I saw them as silhouettes of pure light. the sight of them pierced into my vision, pierced through my closed eyes.














I saw distinctly, one after another, people, presumably male in physique, between 5'6" and 6' tall, walking in directly through my closed sliding glass door. They passed through the glass like a being of light would naturally pass through glass.


They walked in one by one and stood before me in a slight semi circle. More and more entered. I continued to play the harp - I had never stopped. I clearly could see their "human"-qualities, and they shuffled in and also peered at me, moving their heads and leaning in. People were still walking in, you could feel the room heat up as they entered.

I continued to play the harp, and now it felt like a "performance" as I had in front of me an audience, so I gave them a small show. I even made attempts to show certain signs of peace and acceptance through the combinations of notes and strings, and I clearly felt them pick up on this message and approve it.

beings zoom.jpg

Beings did not look blurry like this, they were in-focus and distinct. The blur captures the feeling 

At one point a being entered who was glowing One-Hundred Times brighter than the others. It appeared to be brighter than the sun by measurable standards, It entered and stood at the center, it was slightly taller than the others. Presumably 6'2" (my height). I had many ideas as to who this being could be. Is it the leader of this group? An ascended master? Is it me in the future?

The entire experience was extremely VISUAL so I will use images to convey what I encountered. Some of these pictures are very accurate depictions while others exemplify a certain aspect which I will note

green beings.jpg
glowing beings.jpg
beings zoom white.jpg

They appeared as energetic beings of light, they were glowing and they moved as you would expect a small crowd to stand and shuffle and tilt their heads or lean in. After the musical interaction, we had a nice long conversation about the state of humanity and the future.

Our full conversation was telepathic. I was amazed at how effortless and elegant it was. The thought forms just transmit instantaneously and without any direct effort. You react to something naturally, 

and that response is immediately known to all parties.

You end up being more honest than you even realize because there is no filter whatsoever. Their message would just appear in my head through my own "inner voice." Almost like a consensual hijacking of thoughts.

I shared my opinions and they seemed be be either intrigued or amused at different times. I spent this time to advocate on behalf of humanity. They seemed particularly interested in me and were making me offers to go with them which I always rejected.

I surprised myself with some of my own responses. I seemed to answer with a maturity beyond my normal conscious decision-making and ego filter. This was more of a direct line to a deeper self who was also less inhibited.

I told them that "I would only go if everyone had the opportunity to go." I knew this was not a reasonable request at the time, and they seemed to gasp with astonishment. Humanity was not at the right state and I was essentially bartering for them to sticking around to help the planet.

I voiced concern over the state of the human condition and also the prophesied end-times events or singularity which I believed was soon approaching. They confirmed this to me but said very clearly, "Don't Worry."

I always took this to mean that these dramatic world changing events would be happening, and would be in my lifetime but that they would not be chaotic events as some people had theorized. I saw very clearly that this would be a transformative time and ultimately very positive.

more coming soon...


but who are they?

there are 3 main groups represented:


The vicinity of Saturn,

A Collective known as 'A'

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